Levi Sanders, LMSW

Levi Sanders (He/They)

You are drowning in self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. You dream of being your authentic you without any barriers related to your mental health. When working with me, we will work towards your therapeutic goals, you will understand to love yourself as who you are, and learn to be an advocate for your wellbeing. During your journey, I will team with you to learn self-compassion, and be compassionate to yourself.

I am an affirming, open-minded, and compassionate therapist that treats each client individually and meets you where you are at. I am a trauma-informed provider that enjoys walking through the journey with the client to break down that lens that makes us see who we are differently.

In my welcoming, warm, and safe space, my clients are welcomed as they are and are encouraged to be their authentic self. I primarily work with members of the LGBTQIA+ community, while utilizing clinical, trauma-informed, and evidence-based therapeutic modalities. I help the client learn and understand the importance of coping skills, and how to ensure the journey to healing is safe.