Jared Finley, LPC

I graduated from The University of Missouri in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I worked in the Kansas City Public Schools until 2015, when I finished my Master’s studies in Counseling at The University of Missouri – Kansas City. While working with students of all ages and cultural backgrounds, I gained competence in my work. It made me feel great to be able to help promote the well being of so many adolescents whom will be future leaders in our world.

I gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences working in trauma informed treatment, for which I am grateful. By contributing to the positive changes in behavior of children who have had some of the least healthy upbringings, I’ve gotten to know some of the serious joys that life has to offer.

What I’ve gotten to know about myself is that there isn’t anyone that can make me uncomfortable, I can brighten up anyone’s day, and I have a lot in common with everyone. I truly want everyone to be happy, so I do my best to bring happiness to anyone I socialize with. Happiness can be achieved through humor, a positive outlook, and making good life decisions.

I enjoy all forms of entertainment: music, TV, movies, arts, sports, games, conversation, and especially the sport I play professionally – disc golf. I’m married to a wonderful woman,and we love our pet cats and dog. It is a top priority of mine to always be available for the clients whom I serve, so that everyone can have at least one reliable person who is always there for them, just a phone call away.