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Anger Management & Emotional Regulation

Our anger management and emotional regulation class is designed to stretch folks’ perspectives and turn inward to discover the impact of anger and emotional dysregulation in their lives. We encourage participants to explore past experiences and we provide psycho-education on a number of topics as we work through the modules. Modules topics include: exploring our anger and emotions, exploring our past and understanding complex trauma, conflict/resolution skills and healthy coping skills to name a few.

We want our participants to take an active approach to the class and engage in processing their own “stuff” as a step in managing their emotions in a healthy way. If successful, participants may notice a decrease in stress and worry, improved focus and concentration and a less chaotic life. The ups and downs of cycling through anger and emotional dysregulation time and time again is exhausting, this class may be able to help!!! Call to get scheduled for our next seminar!


5-week course cost: $280

Class Times:

Wednesday class from 12 pm – 1 pm
Thursday night class from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm weekly for 5 weeks
Contact us to find out when the next class starts!

Class Location:

Classes are virtual and can be accessed from anywhere