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5 Ways to Kick Anxiety’s Behind!

Sometimes what it feels like when we are fighting anxious thoughts….

This always tickles me!!! One of my all time favorites. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey y’all! So last week, I gave you 9 Myths About Going to See a Counselor. I’m going to continue my theme of lists for the time being. Anxiety is a REAL thing, so here are 5 ways to kick anxiety’s ass!!! If you like what you read give me a like, or following Satori Counseling Services on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate you taking time to check us out. Also, Satori Counseling Services has locations in the Kansas City and Lawrence, KS.

1. Pay more attention to what you put in your body. Just a few self-assessment questions for you to reflect on that can seriously impact your ability to manage a number of issues related to worry, stress and anxious thoughts: How much refined sugar do you consume? How much caffeine do you consume? How many times do you eat fast food each week? How often are you not eating throughout the day? How much alcohol do you consume weekly?

First of all, If the answers to these questions give you feelings of guilt/shame, be easy on yourself. The change process begins with self-awareness. Try reducing the intake of refined sugars and caffeine,as they for sure can exacerbate feelings of anxiety. It’s always alarming when I have a new client step into session with an energy drink and say, “I have anxiety issues”. Try not to judge yourself based on how these questions were answered, just try to focus on being mindful about what goes in your body and pay attention to your mood when you are consuming less processed foods.  

2. Be more thoughtful about what you have control of in your life. For example, we cannot control how other folks drive when we commute to work, nor can we control the weather. At times irrational thinking is the number one contributing factor to negative feelings and emotions. Although driving may be anxiety provoking, we only have control over maintaining a safe vehicle and driving with a clear mind.

If someone is uncomfortable driving in certain weather conditions, that’s okay! If you choose to drive in bad weather conditions, although it makes you super uncomfortable, and felt ashamed to let someone know, then practice allowing yourself to be more vulnerable (See: accepting who and what you are). Remember we have control over checking our smart phones while we are driving so, if this applies to you, stop it. It’s a challenge, I get it.

3. Accept who and what you are, care less about what people think about you. Unfortunately, a person can be operating at their most compassionate, empathetic levels and folks are still going to have their  judgements of how we operate. Essentially, it’s other folks problem if they have an issue with you. Now I want to be clear, this particular advice is for those of us who are trying to treat people the right way and are considerate of other people’s thoughts and feelings. This does not apply to folks who are abusers, engage in manipulating and/or take advantage of people for their own personal benefits. If you struggle with these type of behaviors you should visit with a counselor to identify core beliefs that drive these negative behaviors, this will definitely impact interpersonal relationships

4. Okay these last two challenges will also require being proactive. Break a damn sweat!!! For the next 30 days, do not go more than two days without engaging in an activity that causes you to sweat!!! Again, practice completing this challenge without self-judgment.

This activity does not mean your shirt has to be soaking with sweat or you need to completed 10 sets of deadlifts and run 3 miles. Going for a hike, doing some yard work, etc counts. If you feel like you have to be in a gym going hard in the paint, you may be a perfectionist and that is an anxious journey in itself.

Last Sunday I took my daughter to the gym and she had me practice her ballet warm up!!!! Guess what? I broke a sweat. Laugh all you want, if you have not ever stood on your tiptoes for 1 minute straight, give it a try. My calves were ON FIRE!!!! We also practiced using the rowing machine, shot baskets and practiced racquetball. I had fun with my baby girl, she enjoyed herself and we got exercise. Wins, on top of wins!!!!!

5. Lastly, try some type of mindfulness exercise. Some examples of mindfulness exercises would include: monitoring you breathing, going to a park and paying attention to your senses (what do you smell? what do you hear? What do you see?) The trick with mindfulness is paying attention to what is going on in your life in that very moment.

If you ever engaged in a really difficult exercise activity, think about how your only concern was  getting the next rep out? Or, finishing that one last sprint? That’s what being present feels like. The only thing that matters is what is going on in that exact moment. It’s not realistic to believe we can just maintain in the state of being present, but we need to make attempts to visit that place as often as we can.

Thanks for the read! Feel free to give some feedback and let me know if there other topics you would like me to blog about!

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